Bellagio Hotel Conservatory

This past week I was travelling in Las Vegas and had a chance to check out the flowers in the Conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel.  Four times a year a huge team of horticulturalists do wonders transforming the space into a beautiful and whimsical wonderland for tourists from around the world to enjoy.

Here is a gallery of pictures taken from this Springs displays.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed seeing them in person.

Allan Gardens

While we have been fortunate enough this winter to not feel overwhelmed by cold and snow, the 16,000 square foot space in Torontos’ Allan Gardens is a great respite from any dreary gray days still to come.

Set in one of Toronto’s oldest parks the central area of the conservatory is a beautiful cast iron and glass domed “Palm House”  built in 1910 showcasing bananas, bamboo, a large Screw Pine and of course gigantic palm plants.

You can enjoy the calm of the Cool house with it’s citrus trees while relaxing near the waterfall or imagine being some where in the islands while visiting the Tropical House that displays a beautiful selection of orchids and bromeliads. 

In another humid tropical room you will find hibiscus and ginger and further along you can enough the desert heat of the Cactus Room. 

October at Allan Gardens gives people the opportunity to enjoy a huge variety of chrysanthemums, while over Christmas time the Conservatory features a holiday show of over 40 different varieties of poinsettias and offers guests wagon rides, cider and treats.  During the last two weeks of December you also have the opportunity to enjoy the greenhouse under candlelight.

Spring bulbs and cooler crops begin decorating the space beginning in February leading up to the popular Easter show.

No matter what time of the year you visit Allan Gardens is a great place to escape the city, relax with a book and surround yourself with beauty.

To get there:

Allan Gardens can be reached by taking Yonge subway to College Street and then an eastbound Carlton streetcar to Sherbourne St.

It is located on the south side of Carlton St. between Jarvis Ave. and Sherbourne St.

Centennial Park Conservatory

I’m currently on a mission to find as many conservatories and greenhouses that are open to the public year round that will help be able to get me over the winter hump.  I know, I said the W word but now that the heat wave has snapped (does a week actually count as a wave?) and the nights are getting cooler ( yes 12 degrees can be considered cool) it’s time for me to find my ‘green’ havens to keep me happy over the long, dreary winter season.

Centennial Park Conservatory (2)Centennial Pak Conservatory is located in Etobicoke just off Rathburn Road near Mill Road.  It’s 2000 square meters consist of 6 growing houses, a potting shed and bulb center that supplies the surrounding park with plants and an 8 ½ meter tropical house with 2 display wings on opposite sides of the main house that are open everyday from 10-5pm free of charge.

Bird of Paradise (2)

The south wing of the Conservatory consists of all varieties of cacti, while the main center house displays unusual plants like banana trees, birds of paradise and palms.  The North wing changes each season with the well-known ‘Christmas at the Conservatory” being an extremely popular annual event with huge floral displays and festive choral singers.


The day I visited, the North wing was displaying all different colors and varieties of Coleus which was an awesome example how great these annuals can look in any garden.

To the front of the building were several annual flower beds and a pond garden though both needed a fair bit of weeding and tidying up.  It’s not a very large place, having only taken about ½ hour to see everything, it does however have some interesting specimen on display that some might never have seen before.

I look forward to coming back when all is cold and dark this winter and I definitely plan on checking out the Christmas displays.