Who is the Tasty Gardener?

I am Heather Lang. I live in Toronto with my fiancée and our three plant-eating cats, Daisy, Welly and Ozzy. I like to consider myself a multi-faceted individual, a Jane-of-all-trades. I graduated in 1997 from Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario with a diploma in Horticulture. I figure that if I can grow stuff in Sudbury I can grow stuff anywhere.

I worked for various greenhouses and landscaping companies before returning to school to become a Medical Laboratory Assistant. One of the departments I work in is Microbiology, so I’m still growing things, albeit bacteria, fungus and micro-organisms instead of “delectable edibles.” My laboratory work also allows me to share many of my kitchen accomplishments and gardening expertise with co-workers, who are some of my greatest supporters.

I have also completed a Personal Chef program, in which I experiment with recipes on my friends and family, much to their delight. Starting this blog has also added another important creative endeavor to my toolbox: photography. Recently I have returned to school once again to complete my certificate in Photography at Ryerson University with a special focus on botanicals and food.


Thanks for your interest in the Tasty Gardener and feel free to drop me a line at

Email: heather@tastygardener (dot)com


Daisy and Ozzy

Daisy and Ozzy