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Right in the heart of the madness that can be Kensington Market Trinity Common is a refreshing respite from dodging tourists, automobile drivers who didn’t quite know what they were getting into when they turn up Augusta  and the regulars who with elbows out and chins tucked get their fashionable grocery shopping done.

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While the oversized patio is perfect for navel gazing it’s the massive amount of real estate behind the doors that really brings the trifeca of food, booze and entertainment to life. Rough restoration-esque wood counters, exposed brick walls, metal fixtures and sleek furniture occupy a space able to house an incredible amount of people yet feel open and crowd less. It comes as no surprise given the “trinity” of Shepherds; Don, Mike and Lisa as well as friend Alan Walker already have their feet well planted in the success of franchise Big Fat Burrito.

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If you are going for the food Chef Liam Donato has got you covered.  With popular dishes like fried green tomatoes and these tuna, bay scallop and citrus ceviche tacos he keeps his menu seasonal and fresh.  The tacos alone are worth going for.

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The grilled peach and radish salad with frisee, pepitas and goat cheese proves the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables surrounding them in the market is a huge benefit.

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And for those who want a more substantial meal can easily get behind this double cheese burger with Chef Liam own love of the Big Mac showing through in the secret sauce, lettuce and pickle garnish. Or you can sink your teeth into some bbq ribs or smoked wings.

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If it’s the booze you are here for then you have your choice from an extensive cocktail list including classics ( the Old Fashioned) or original mixes like this refreshing bourbon Shades of Earl Grey.

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When beer is more your thing Trinity Common has a large selection of local Craft beers on tap (up to 20 currently) regularly rotated to give up and coming one-offs and special pours a chance to shine. Bottle and cans are also available but don’t get too attached.  Because of their support for all things craft the line up changes often meaning the great IPA you had yesterday may not be there tomorrow.

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To finish off the trinity with the entertainment portion of the restaurant bands have ample space and opportunity to rock out on their live stage designed to give musicians the chance to play a larger establishment with an eclectic local and touristy crowd.

Trinity Common is a much needed spot in a tourist heavy area of the city.  With bringing in great libations, delicious eats and notable sounds it will quickly become a whispering point amongst travellers and hot spot for locals.

Trinity Common

32 Augusta, Toronto 647-346-3030

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