What I Learned Making a New Cookie a Week for a Year

That I will never, ever do it again.  Ever!

When I first started out with the concept of a year of cookies the first thing on my mind was guaranteed new content.  It was that incentive to make sure something fresh went up on the blog weekly without me feeling the pressure of being behind on my writing.  I also don’t really like cookies so I knew they wouldn’t all go to my waistline.  Because each recipe made several dozen I had one house critic and 30 plus on the street critics waiting to give me their opinions.  You have to love your co workers for that.

So what did I learn over this past year.

1. I’m overly critical of myself.

It’s funny how I think something is horrible only to be told the exact opposite. That being said…

2. Peoples taste preferences are all over the place.

Usually I baked 4-6 different kinds at a time and took them into my day job for a wide range of co workers got to enjoy.  It was guaranteed that each flavor would be LOVED by at least one person trying them.

3. Butter sales and Bulk Barn are my best friends.

Same goes with sugar, flour, and parchment paper.

4. I never measure my vanilla.

Does anyone?

5. Learn how you oven cooks.

Don’t be afraid to sacrifice one burnt dozen to get 5 gorgeous ones.  I also only baked one tray at a time.  Some days were really long.

6. Storage details important or not?

Who really has HOMEMADE cookies last more than a week. Sealed container, that’s it!

8. I don’t know what I would have done without my stand mixer.

Actually I do. Not make 52 different kinds of cookies, that’s for sure.

9. I still don’t like cookies.

There it is I said.

Click the photo of each cookie to get the recipe. I hope you find one you enjoy.



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  1. I cannot believe that after all of these beautiful cookies you do not like cookies - I am a cookie monster and LOVE cookies. Bravo- a job well done! :) Valerie
  2. I'm so with you on not ever measuring vanilla! And there are so many good cookies in here...I can't believe you don't love cookies and still stuck to this, good for you!

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