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As you probably already figured out we have had an awful lot of rain this summer.  These days interspersed with ones of extreme humidity create a perfect environment for weeds and disease. Too much constant moisture on a plant can causes a white filmy mold to appear on the leaves and petals though the damage is more cosmetic than life threatening and can be fixed by pruning off the offending, unsightly damage.  It’s just unfortunate to have to scalp your plants when they may be in the height of their blooming period.

Heliopsis with mold damage.

Heliopsis with mold damage.

Another problem that crops up when the condition are like this are those pesky weeds.  Here are a couple of tips to help keep your gardens look neat and tidy.

Why does grass always grow better where its not suppose to?

Why does grass always grow better where its not suppose to?


1. Inspection Time!

Whenever you bring any new plants into your garden carefully check that there are no weeds hitching a ride in the pot.  That’s always a great start to prevention.

2. Let it be!

Weed seeds must have sunlight to germinate therefore constant cultivating will bring them to the surface of the soil leading to future weed issues. Soil does not have to be regularly cultivated since it already houses the worlds natural earth movers and shakers; worms

3. Got it covered!

Consider using mulches around you plants.  Not only will it keep the weeds at bay but mulches also keep the moisture in the soil better and are aesthetically pleasing in a landscape.  Because they are considered smotherers, don’t apply mulch till late spring so you don’t accidentally cover up any young growth from plant you do want growing in your garden.

Gaillardia is a great contrast to light colored mulches.

Gaillardia is a great contrast to light colored mulches.

4. Through thick or thin!

This last one is a bit of a catch 22.  By densely packing your gardens with plants you definitely make it near impossible for weeds to grow however in humid, moist weather that closeness could lead to disease and pest problems.


No one can realistically be weed-free.  But by practising these easy tips the task of weeding will be less like tacking a jungle and more like a gentle plucking.

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