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As the first and only certified organic juice bar in the city, Village Juicery prides itself on focusing on high quality, nutritious products that are not only palate friendly but are truly beneficial to a person’s health.

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As a raw pressed juice company they rely on the experts on staff and a whole health philosophy that is as refreshing as their bright and airy stores.  When arriving in store you are greeted by a staff of certified nutritionalists who will help you choose the best products for your ailments, taste buds or lifestyle.

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A tasting bar allows you try before you buy and you are guided through the benefits of each and every juice or nut milk they sell.  Feeling a little “meh” ? There is a juice for that. Hormonal? They have just what you need. Lacking fibre and vegetables in your diet? There are many different juices to choose from. Each juice is perfected to be tasty and palatable as the staff know that if it tastes horrible no one is going to get on board.

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At the back of the shop the coolers are stocked with salads, breakfast jars, juices and nut milks.  While the supplies look scant near the end of the day it’s all part of their plan of keeping everything fresh  and reducing waste.  Juices and milks are generally pressed the night before and with an expiry date only a couple of days before disposable , any juices that are at the end of their shelf life are given out to the community to enjoy.

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Snacks line another shelf and consist of local vendors that produce small scale products.  One cracker company actual uses the pulp of the juicery’s pressing process for the base of their snacks.

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Everything is incredibly well thought out and staff is both knowledgeable and friendly.  Regulars are easily remembered and special orders are not an inconvenience. On site nutritional counselling is available as well as kinder, gentle cleanse option.

Village Juicery has several stores across Toronto as well as many health food places sell their products.  Check their website to find a location nearest you.  

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