Types of Potatoes

Today is National Potato Day.

Yellow Potatoes

  • used for mashing, steaming, baking, roasting and boiling.
  • the all-purpose potato.
  • light tan skin, yellow fish.

Red Potatoes

  • used for steaming, boiling, roasting, au gratin and scalloped.
  • red skin, white flesh.

Russet Potatoes

  • used for baking and boiling.
  • high in starch.
  • dark tan skin, white flesh.

White Potatoes

  • used for mashing, boiling, steaming, au gratin and roasting.
  • low in starch.
  • tan skin, white flesh.

Fingerling Potatoes

  • used for baking, boiling and roasting.
  • low in starch.
  • finger shaped, red or tan skin, white flesh.

Blue Potatoes

  • used for steaming, baking, boiling.
  • medium in starch.
  • blue-purple skin and flesh.

Sweet Potatoes

  • used for boiling, baking, frying and roasting.
  • medium in starch.
  • orange skin and flesh.

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