Types of Apples

It’s Harvest Time!!!

There are hundreds of varieties of apples out there.  Some are great for baking, some are perfect for eating right off the tree.  Each year growers continue to produce newer, better, more versatile fruit. A nutritional powerhouse, apple contain no fat or cholesterol, are high in vitamin C and if eaten with the peel a great source of fibre.  And given it’s convenient portability they make a perfect, healthy snack.

Here are just a few varieties that are currently available in your local fruit market.


Cortland apples have a slightly sweet and slightly tart flavour and are perfect when cooking with apples.  They are available September to November.


Empire apples have a sweet and sour taste and are great for making desserts, cider or eaten raw.  They are available throughout the year and freeze really well.


This apple from New Zealand has both a sweet and a tart flavour making it great all on it’s own as a snack or paired with strong cheeses on a tasting platter.  It is available September-November.


Originating from Japan the Fuji apple has a crisp and sweet flavour.  Perfect as an after dinner snack this variety also does well in salads, desserts and sauces.  It is available August-October.


This apple is extremely sweet making it great on it’s own or baked in desserts.  Very little sugar is needed when used to make applesauce.  The Gala is available September-May.


Named for it’s golden yellow colour and sweet flavour this fruit is perfect anyway it’s used.  Great raw, in salads, desserts and sauces it’s also readily available year round.


Available year round this super tart apple is perfect for pies and other desserts.


Another apple with a sweet yet mild tarty flavour, Honeycrisp apples are perfect eaten raw, chopped up in salads, used for baking and in other hot dishes.  They are available September to January.


Another apple perfect for baking desserts the Jazz apple is available September-December and has a tangy, sweet flavour.


This apple is super juicy and it’s sweet and tangy flavour is perfect for pie.  You may need to add a thickener because of its juiciness.  McIntosh are available September to December.


Also know as a Crispin apple, Mutsu’s are available from October into February are make excellent cider and applesauce.  With it’s sweet and spicy flavour it also makes a great snack raw.


Available August-October the Paula red can be used in baking, sauces or eaten raw and has a slightly tart flavour.


Having a sweet yet tart flavour makes this apple a great all-purpose fruit to be eaten on it’s own or used in salads and desserts.  It is only available September and October.


This sweet apple is a favorite to be eaten raw as a snack.  In fact 30% of apple consumers choose this variety over any other.  Available throughout the year it is also great in desserts and jam.


Crispy and sweet Spartans are perfect raw or used in baked goods.  It is available October  to December.

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