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Ernesto Rodriguez  loves showing Torontians what Mexican food is really about at Fonda Lola.  During his recent brunch launch he created dishes to showcase his love of his countries amazing cuisine and with his newest venture, a weekday lunch menu of Mexican tortas, he shares with diners food he can’t wait to have the minute he goes home. While Canadians may think of tacos and nachos as more lunch fare it is soft doughy bread filled with meats, vegetables and cheeses that truly encapsulate  the street style of a classic Mexican midday meal.

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Everyone enjoying a slow, savory lunch should start off with a Margarita or two. The Citrus Margarita is a taste bud tingling, hair raising tart affair with lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit juices mixed with tequila while the Rose Kombucha, is the above fruit juices combined with smoked horchata ( a nut milk), and rose kombucha. It literally tastes like a Creamsicle.

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If you need a quick nibble to go with your adult beverage before the tortas arrive appetizers include a handheld Caesar salad and outstanding tlacoyos. These masa tortillas are stuffed with refried beans and topped with cheese, avocado and salsa roja  and are so hearty you wouldn’t think they were meat free.

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It’s the tortas however that steal the show.  Using fresh bread from a Portuguese bakery down the road, Ernesto has developed a selection of  nine sandwiches that will satisfy all possible cravings from tofu to octopus to chicken, steak or egg. These four highlight the brilliance of the menu.

Pork shoulder is braised low and slow in peppers and citrus  for over 24 hours to then be the star of this Torta de cochinita Pibil.

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If you feel like a late breakfast sandwich the Torta de Candied bacon and egg is a perfect choice.  Jalapeno candied bacon gives a sweet and spicy burst while refried beans and avocado temper the heat.

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The chicken torta uses adobo sauce to provide juicy, mouth watering and tender meat while the rice, beans and avocado pull everything together.

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A Mexican twist on a classic steak and cheese sandwich includes the standard fried onions and peppers but takes it up a degree with Oaxaca cheese, avocado and beans.

All sandwiches come with a simply dressed green salad that is refreshing between hearty bites of your torta.

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And if you miraculously have room for dessert how can you go wrong with a plate of fresh sugary churros served with caramel whipped cream. A cheese flan and cheesecake are also available for your sweet tooth.

Lunch is currently being served Tues-Friday between 11:30 and 2:30 and is a perfect way to explore more authentic Mexican cuisine.  With two quick changes to the restuarant, the new brunch and lunch menus, Fonda Lola has shown that while the city continues its love affair with Mexican food keeping it authentic is what makes our passion realized.

Fonda Lola

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