Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session 2014


It’s hard not to appreciate how an organizer listens to their audience and not only acknowledges their demands, but also makes it happen.  The first spring session of the Toronto Beer Festival is a perfect example.  After years of quick selling, always sold out summer weekends the people behind this incredibly popular event took a chance and offered up the suds for a spring tasting.   With thoughts of warmer weather the one day events quickly sold into a whole weekend long party.  And while the weather didn’t cooperate the event was still a rocking success.  Top notch food purveyors, free flowing bevies and a brewery battle of the bands to end all battle of the bands all under the roof of one of my favorite venues in the city The Evergreen Brickworks.

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session

As a food blogger going to a drink event I try to keep my blood alcohol level low and my belly full.  I’m the perfect DD for my keg chugging friends.  Like the demographics of my little group there was just enough yum to offset the gulp.  Don’t get me wrong I also enjoy a glass of too but my focus was on the eats.

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session (1 of 24)

Pizza Libretto’s Meatballs

First off and a perfect way to take away the chill was a bit of DH’s fantastic meatballs from Pizza Libretto.  Perfectly sauced, steaming hot and huge.  I would be remiss to not mention that a second helping was sample later in the evening.

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session (1 of 24)

The Pie Commission

As soon as I saw the twitter feed from the session the previous night I knew I had to make a bee line from The Pie Commission and snag myself a sample before it would be too late. It’s funny how when you have something set in your head you totally ignore the small details like how would you eat a meat pie standing around an event like this.  Well these guys sure know what they are doing.  Five inches of perfectly baked flaky pastry enveloping a saucy filling of braised beef rib are easily handled in these absolutely ingenious boxes.  They give the true meaning to hand pie.

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session (4 of 24)

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session (13 of 24)

Fidel Gastro’s who just seems to be everywhere lately was offering up their typical innovative fares of gator kebabs, pork belly tostadas and my favorite treat of the evening grilled corn with smoky paprika, lime and jalapeno crema.  The best corn I’ve ever tasted.Though not at all surprised coming from these folks.

A couple food trucks; Smoke’s Poutinerie and Tiny Tom’s donuts were on hand to please DH’s palate as well as a killer bacon sandwich from Rasher’s.

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session (11 of 24)

Bacon Sandwich

Unfortunately too many heavy beers prevented me from trying one of three offerings from Hot Bunzz.

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session

Hot Bunzz

Of course I tried the beer.  I actually found many new ones that I really enjoyed.  Yet it was the interactions with the breweries I enjoyed the most.  One of my favorite moments was getting to briefly talk with folks behind the new Cider company The Brickworks Ciderhouse.  Using ingredients only sourced from a small radius around the city their dry cider was fantastic.  Watch for more posts in the future about these guys as they get everything up and going and I think up wonderful things to make with their product. Can we say apple sticky pudding with boozy apple caramel sauce?

Toronto Beer Festival Spring Session

The Brickworks Ciderhouse

Despite the chilly weather the spring session of the Toronto Beer Festival the perfect blend of food, drink and revelry.  A bit hip, a bit gourmet and a lot of fun.

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