Top Five Food Items From The One of a Kind Show

The One of a Kind Show running November 26 to December 7 is exactly what you expect.  A gathering of the best purveyors of unique “one” of a kind textiles, ceramics, artwork, jewellery, art pieces, fashion and of course food that you won’t find anywhere else all under the same roof. This time of the year it’s a perfect venue for finding that hard to buy person or picking up that whimsy Christmas item perfect for the holidays. I visited earlier this week and since my life revolves around all things edible here is my top five vendors you definitely want to hit up before the show closes.

Lee’s Ghee


I don’t know why it didn’t occur to have flavoured Ghee.  I use it a lot to brown my rice along with spices and to melt in my pan before making naan but I always used plain old straight clarified butter or Ghee. Lee’s Ghee allows you to kick your recipes up a notch.  Already pre seasoned with the likes of turmeric or cardamon and also offering a sweet maple or cacao variety they make their product using butter that pesticide, GMO, hormone, and antibiotic free.  They are also selling a cute popcorn making set at the show.



Chocolate with fruit or spice or nuts or fancy designs are all the rage at the show this year but it was Tickleberry’s who won my business.  Using fresh fruit from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and drying it they then cover it with a variety of white, dark and milk high quality chocolate. The fruit is so refreshing and bursting with flavour while the chocolate perfectly balances the sweetness. You’ll want to grab one of every flavour, though the raspberry, strawberry and blueberry are my favorites.

Tealish Teas


There is always someone in your life who loves receiving tea as a gift. What sets Tealish apart from all the others was it’s amazing flavour combinations and pretty packaging.  While typical flavours like blueberry and apple cinnamon are of course available they also surprise with hits like Toasty Almond and Dulce de Leche. The flavours are not obnoxious or over done, just a hint of what your are expecting without the false addictive undertones.  A great deal at 3 of the above tins for$40.

Henderson Farms Jams and Jellies.


Again there a lot of vendors selling spreads. I mean a whole lot.  Henderson’s drew me in with their simple packaging, then with their wonderful history and then the amazing flavours they offered. The maple syrup jelly was something I wanted to bathe in while their award winning wild dandelion was literally mind blowing. At five dollar each for a small jar they can be a bit pricey if you are a jam lover.  Save your heavy slathering for Smuckers.  These spreads should be savoured with good cheeses, crispy crackers and your favorite friends and relatives.

34 Oz. Tonic Maison


High quality cola and ginger ale syrup and amazing tonic will make you the bartender of the year this holiday season thanks to 34 oz Tonic Maison.  Simple and refreshing. And a kind of cool gift to gift a boss or coworker this year.

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