Through the Garden Gate Tour-House #1

Records passed on from owner to owner show lawns, cinder block terraces and multi layered tree canopies and up until the current owners moved in eight years ago this property was a plethora of problems.  Being experienced gardeners they saw past the steep slopes and invasive plant life and imagined a playful and beautiful space.  By removing most of the over bearing Norway Maples and Siberian Elms, they created space for them to be replaced with dogwoods, serviceberries, eastern hemlocks, ferns, trilliums and many drought tolerant perennials. 

When you are visiting this garden you begin your journey walking through a charming front gate along meandering stone pathways.  A whimsical children’s playhouse advises you to “be nice or go away,” and several different seating areas entice you to put up your feet and relax.  Lush, cool greenery and a dense canopy causes you to forget for a moment that the city is minutes away.  Stone steps are carefully placed to lead you down the slope into a quiet and peaceful sitting area.  And don’t forget to look closely amongst the plant life and around the yard for some really quirky garden ornaments that the owners have placed all around the property.

















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