Through the Garden Gate 2014 : Hogg’s Hollow

Through the Garden Gate

As the weather turns cooler and the days shorter I thought it would be appropriate to feature this year Through the Garden Gate over the next 9 weeks to help ease everyone into the colder fall and early winter season.  Partially because I completely fell off the wagon in terms of getting these post up right after the event to be honest but also to give you a bit of brightness and greenery as the outside becomes brown and grey.

This years tour featured the gorgeous gardens of Hogg’s Hollow.  Steep hillsides, park land and a rich history co mingle with modern style and elegant architecture.  Many of the properties along the route were still waiting for a burst of warmer spring temperatures to bring out their gardens full potential but there was still an abundance of features to be seen.

Through the Garden Gate

Over the next 9 weekends I will be featuring two of the gardens I visited that allow you to explore this wonderful neighborhood in Toronto.  From cute art pieces, to stunning water features, to gorgeous plant material.  Like every year before this Through the Garden Gate continues to impress. So let the photos take you back to a warmer, brighter time.

Through the Garden Gate

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