Through the Garden Gate 2013

Through the Garden Gate 2013 from The Tasty Gardener

Another year and another weekend of Through the Garden Gate from the Toronto Botanical Gardens has been completed.  This year we were fortunate enough to be allowed into the gorgeous landscapes of Forest Hill and South Hill.  This isn’t the first time this upscale and exclusive neighbor has opened it’s gates and allowed us wannabe, veteran and just starting out gardeners  in to ohh and ahh over their picturesque yards. This being only my fourth year it was still all new for me.

There were some notable difference to this year show, some good and some not so good.  The number of houses was considerably less than previous years.  While it make for a less exhausting day it was still hard to see everything in the shortened hours the tour was operating under.  Despite heading out right at the beginning I was still unable to see all the properties.  That was a bit of a disappointment.  However the new addition of several food trucks this year may have contributed to my time management issues since there was no way I could miss out on having lunch from one of these gourmet trucks.

All in all it was  another fantastic year of gardens.  The weather was absolutely perfect for taking great photos (unlike the harsh bright sunlight from last year) and there were gardens that definitely impressed.  Over the next 17 days I will be featuring each of the gardens I toured.  There were 19 total however as I mentioned I did miss one and another home for privacy reasons would not allow any photography.

Enjoy your tour!

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