The Weird, the Wacky and The Wonderful; The New Foods at the CNE

CNE Food Preview Photo 1

Nothing says the CNE like candy apples, cotton candy and mini donuts.  Classic nostalgic carnival foods that taste the same at 50 years old as it did at 5. This year even marks the 75th anniversary of the always popular ice cream waffle sandwich.  But it’s the crazy food, the experimental dishes of gastronomical proportions that draws the crowds to the ever popular Food Building.  Each year vendors try to outperform each other making previous years creations even more outlandish and to unofficially become the CNE’s wildest dish. This year is no different.  Just take a look.

CNE Food Preview Photo 2

Tim Horton’s Cotton Candy and Cola Flavour Timbits;  Timbits Poutine And Pretzel Donut Honey Dijon Ham Sandwich (CNE locations only) (Tim Horton’s, Food Building)

It’s nice to see a big franchise get playful for the CNE and the Timbit idea will please many a 8 year old Canadian.

CNE Food Preview Photo 3

Deep Fried Rice Pudding; Chicken, Waffles and Ice Cream; Biggie in a Blanket and Coffee and Donuts Milkshake ( Fran’s Restaurant, Food Building)

Fran’s restaurant is offering up not one but four unique food offerings. The rice pudding is crispy and sweet, the chicken and waffles are perfect hangover food and the Milkshake is thick and creamy. The Biggie consisted of bacon, sausage and egg wrapped in a pancake making it a surprisingly portable “breakfast sandwich”.

CNE Food Preview Photo 4

Bub’s Bad Boy Burger (Bub’s Bad@ss Burgers, Food Building)

Sometimes you just can’t decide whether you want a chicken burger or a beef burger.  Bub’s Bad@ass Burgers takes the decision out of your hands with a slab of both sandwiched between Spicy Jamaican Patties and topped with tomatoes, sriracha mayo, coleslaw, wasabi cucumber, pepper jack cheese and hickory sticks.  There is a flavour explosion in each bite.

CNE Food Preview Photo 5

Deep Fried Cheesecake (Midway)

Pickle Pete’s will be offering up this sweet meets crispy fried confection. New Style Cheesecake wrapped up tight and topped with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce.

CNE Food Preview Photo 6

Bloomin’ Apple (Midway)

Those fans of the colossus bloomin’ onion may want to treat their sweet side with this clever dessert perfect for sharing.  Caramel or nut coating available.

CNE Food Preview Photo 7

Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreo (The Funnel Cake Shop, Food Building)

Two popular food trends of red velvet everything and deep fried come together in this snack sized morsel of Oreo goodness.

CNE Food Preview Photo 8

Baked Wrapped Grilled Cheese (Bacon Nation, Food Building)

My third favorite item released this year is this sandwich is surprisingly not greasy and not overly obnoxious in the need to burden you with too much bacon-ness.  And the only reason it was third on my list is I figure I could make this myself at home.

CNE Food Preview Photo 9

Chicken Waffle on a Stick (West End of CNE Grounds near Press Building)

Ok stay with me here.  Skewered fried chicken, wrapped in a waffle, dipped in maple syrup and drizzled with icing sugar and hot sauce. It’s like a Pogo only so much better.

CNE Food Preview Photo 10

Garlic Snow Crab Fries(Jake’s Lobster, Food Building)

No CNE is complete without a creative take on poutine done at least once.  Here you can overindulge in a decadent plate of fries topped with garlic aioli, snow crab and herbs.

CNE Food Preview Photo 11

Corrado’s “S&M” Burger (Corrado’s Authentic Italian, Food Building)

So here is where it gets a little wacky and weird with Corrado’s Spaghetti and Meatball Sandwich. Yes folks spaghetti. A meatball burger topped with a deep fried spaghetti patty, cheese  and marinara. Mild and spicy versions available. I wonder what Mamma would say.

CNE Food Preview Photo 12

Frosted Flake Battered Chicken on a Stick (Iron Skillet Sirloin Tips, Food Building)

A very close second in my list of favorites of the day.  This treat is huge.  Juicy, crispy, it’s as simple as its name but so freaking delicious.

CNE Food Preview Photo 13

Baonana Split (Far East Taco, Food Building)

One more sweet treat made the list with this traditional Asian bao bun filled with hazelnut chocolate, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate and strawberry syrup and topped with a cherry.

CNE Food Preview Photo 14

Cold Brew Coffee Tonic (Hula Girl Espresso, Food Building)

For something refreshing the folks at Hula Girl are trying out their new cold brew coffee concept; Espresso and tonic water served over ice.  A perfect cool down after a day in the sun.

CNE Food Preview Photo 15

Poutine Balls (Vienna, Food Building)

This is essentially poutine…. poutine.  Creamy mashed potatoes are stuffed with cheese and gravy, battered and then deep fried.  They are then used as the “fries” in classic poutine. So totally Canadian and my number one taste of the day.

While I don’t suggest you try everything in one day as I did I highly recommend you do taste as many as you possibly can.  Which dishes are you most looking forward to?

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