The Top 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of The Toronto Winter Brewfest

(photo courtesy of Ottawa Brewfest)

Beer festival season has officially begun and to kick it all off the Toronto Winter Brewfest has returned for it’s second straight year. After listening to their guests from last year about what could be improved it is guaranteed to better than ever.  For two days ( March 24-25, Enercare Centre, Toronto) you can join the masses of Toronto beer lovers, nibble on delectable eats, groove to the funky beats of local DJ’s and of course sample over 150 different beers from around our great country all while staying warm and dry. And for the first time they will be introducing a cashless system using a RFID wristband that will get you through the lines and the beer into your mouth faster.

There isn’t much I need to say to convince any beer lover to attend so instead here are my top five ways for you to get the most out of your day.

(photo courtesy of Ottawa Brewfest)

  1. Get There Early. 

    As the saying goes the early bird gets the worm.  In this case the early beer drinker gets the shortest lines and full kegs.  Don’t be that person who shows up three hours in and complains they can’t that special rare pour from their favorite brewer. Be the person who has tried it three times cause they came early.

    (photo courtesy of Ottawa Brewfest)

  2. Ease In.

    I know with all that variety it’s like being a kid in a candy store but don’t go running around gobbling up the Belgian quads and Imperial Stouts. Start light and work up. Don’t be that person who taps out an hour in.

    (photo courtesy of Ottawa Brewfest)

  3. Try Something New.

    I understand we all have our styles and breweries of choice. The ones we know won’t disappoint. But with over 150 different beers available right there in front of you step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Ask the brewery to recommend something. I like to say “surprise me” as I hand over my glass. Don’t be that person that spends all their money in one place.

    (photo courtesy of Ottawa Brewfest)

  4. Talk To People.

    It’s a long day pulling glass after glass, trying to keep up with the lines.  Make a point to say something to the person that is pouring your sample. Keep it quick and simple so you don’t hold up any lines. Or if a representative of the brewery is there ask them a question or compliment their work. They are the best resource to finding other beers you will enjoy and quite frankly deserve the extra love from the community for all their hard work.  Also talk to people around you. We are all there for the same reason. Beer. Don’t be the wallflower.

    (photo courtesy of Ottawa Brewfest)

  5. Remember We Are Not Saving The World Here.

    It’s a beer festival people. Get off your high horse. Leave your snobby beer terminology at home (trust me this will be a tough one for me). Just enjoy yourself. We are drinking beer. We are not curing diseases. HAVE FUN!!! Don’t be the person with less social media followers than when they arrived.

Tickets are still available so make sure you get yours today and say hi if you see me!

(photo courtesy of Ottawa Brewfest)

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