The Top 5 Food Trucks and Craft Beer at the 2015 CNE

Smack dab between opening day and the air show is the what I consider the most productive weekend during CNE.  Yes any day you can ride the attractions, see the shows, and try the crazy new foods but it’s the weekend of Friday August 28 through to August 30th that you can add Food trucks and Craft Beer to you list of CNE accomplishments.

The Food Truck Frenzy is back, bigger and better than before and this time they joined up with the Craft Beer Fest to offer you everything you could possibly need on a hot summer weekend. Here is a list of the top 5 food trucks and top 5 craft beers I can’t wait to try this weekend.


Aptly named after the 7 deadly sins you cannot go wrong with a fancy gourmet burger.  Try a Greed burger with bourbon and bacon or spice it up with the chimchurri topped Envy.  And vegetarians can get in on the sin with Pride; a juicy, massive Portobello mushroom burger.

Foodtruck Frenzy Photo 1

2.Gorilla Cheese

Because you can never have enough carbs surrounding meat and cheese, this popular Hamilton based truck offers up decadent grilled cheese sandwiches oozing with fillings.  And if you feel even slightly guilty taking a messy bite opt for the Lumberjack with its cheese, bacon, Granny Smith apples and maple syrup.  It has fruit in it!

Foodtruck Frenzy Photo 2

3.Hank Daddy’s BBQ

You don’t have to go to just Hank Daddy’s if you want food truck BBQ. Several other truck’s like Hogtown Smoke and The Urban Smoke will be competing equally  for crowds of hungry CNE goers. I’ve picked Hank Daddy’s because truck just looks really cool and isn’t aesthetics important when stuffing your face?

Foodtruck Frenzy Photo 3

4. La Loteria

With 3 tacos for $10, cheap is always delicious.  And while taco availability is at an all time high at the Food Truck Frenzy I have a secret love affair with La Loteria and their pork carnitas.  Always flavourful and mid range on the messy scale. And you can mix and match.

Foodtruck Frenzy Photo 4

5.Texas Tornado

Yes these are the those weird spirals of curly potatoes.  I have seen them at every food event I have attend and they have either been sold out, or the wait has been atrocious.  These elusive chips on a stick are purely on my list because god dammit I’m going to try one even if it takes a lifetime.

Foodtruck Frenzy Photo 5

Honorable Mentions Fidel Gastro’s and I Love Churros

You can’t be in the vicinity of Fidel Gastro’s and not get an order of their Pad Thai fries.  If you have never had them, I am sorry for ruining your love of poutine forever. And of course Churros have to make the list cause who doesn’t like deep fried dough.  Plus have you ever seen people eat them? Meme creators dream.

Foodtruck Frenzy Photo 6

Craft Beer Fest

I am like a beer fest groupie. I go to them all and here will be no different. The list of breweries  at this event will be small, 11 confirmed brands to date, but surprising my top 5 are all new to me.

  1. Hockley Valley Brewing
  2. Old Tomorrow
  3. Railway City Brewery
  4. Sawdust Brewing
  5. Stack Brewing

A wide range of IPAs, wheats, seasonals and stouts are all available from this group of beer makers, perfect accompaniments to all that food you are going to be eating.

Foodtruck Frenzy Photo 7

For a complete list of Food Trucks and Craft Beer vendors can be found here on the official CNE website.

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