The Rose Festival

'Tequila Sunrise'

'Tequila Sunrise'

Beginning June 20th and running till July 5th the Royal Botanical Gardens will be celebrating their annual Rose Festival. During this peak flowering time, the Centennial Rose Garden in Hendrie Park will be showcasing some of the most beautiful examples of over 2,000 modern garden, old garden, shrub, miniature and climbing roses. Take a stroll along the Rose Walk to see examples of companion planting with roses in the home garden. During the weekends of June 20th, 21st, June 27th, 28th and July 4th, 5th you will be treated to live entertainment, garden tours and children’s activities.

Over the next 2 days I will be focusing on the differences between the different types of roses and hopefully you will get a better understanding about these garden favourites.


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