The Day of the Dozens with Krispy Kreme

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Those who love doughnuts raise your left hand. Now those who love free stuff raise your right hand. Now those who love free doughnuts keep those arms stretched up high cause I have an event for you.

Who else remembers when Krispy Kreme first came into Canada way back in 2001.  The long, building circling line ups for their soft, warm sweetness. We all understood why it was ok to stand in line for a doughnut. They are just that good.

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Did you know they make great coffee now too? You have to head on down to the Krispy Kreme Cafe on McCaul Street to prove me right but it is a trip worth taking.  Their Kaffe Kreme is flavoured with the same kreme flavouring we love so much in their original doughnut.  And do you know how they make their hot chocolate? Steamed milk and melted Ghirardelli Chocolate! Boom! They also sell bagels and such.  And doughnuts. We can’t forget the reason we love Krispy Kreme in the first place.

There are new flavours alongside the ones we have grown up with. A red velvet cake doughnut with cream cheese icing. A lemon curd filled glazed. An eclair like pillow of dough, chocolate topping and cream filling. So…many…doughnuts.

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Let me get back to this event you need to know about. (Sorry are you still holding up your arms? You can lower them now. Shake ’em out)

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Since 2012 Krispy Kreme has been celebrating the Day of the Dozens.  On December 12 you can purchase 1 dozen original glazed and receive a second dozen free. FREE!!! People! FREE!

How do you make it happen? Well I’m here to help you. First here are the locations.


Toronto (Downtown) – 164 McCaul St.

Toronto (Downtown) – 215 Harbord St.

Mississauga – 5920 Mavis Rd.


Montreal (Greenfield Park) – 600 Auguste St.

Quebec City – 1560 LeBourgneuf Blvd.

Got it? And we have the date right DECEMBER 12, 2015. That’s this Saturday!

Now the most important bit.  Print off the coupon below.  It is your gateway to sweetness. Do it right now! And don’t forget to follow along with the doughnut madness.


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Facebook: Krispy Kreme Canada


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