Vidal Icewine

DSC_0066Icewine is created from grapes that have been frozen while they are still on the vine.  Because the water freezes the grape is more concentrated with sugar and other dissolved solids that produce a super sweet wine.  This process creates smaller amounts of liquid and can be extremely risky and labour intensive requiring skilled winemakers and cooperative weather. If the grapes stay on the vine too long they may rot yet if the frost is too cold they cannot be pressed.

Canada has been established as the worlds largest producer of Icewine due to it’s ideal weather conditions, with Inniskillin considered the most well known in the country.  Riesling, Vidal and Cabernet franc varieties are the most commonly used cultivars though other countries are experimenting with all other kinds of grapes to produce atheir own distinct drink.

The Vidal Icewine exhibits a delicious taste of tropical fresh fruit such as papaya, lychee and tangerine and like most ice wines should be paired with fresh fruit, fine blue and cream cheeses and rich, creamy desserts.  Because of its sweetness it may be served as a dessert all on its own.

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