The Messy Baker Monday: Piglet Muffins

One of my Food Friends has done the most amazing thing! She has published her first cookbook!

Our expansive gaggle of cooks, bloggers, writers and photographers are a tight knit group who love to support each other any way possible.  We are also the first to also keep it real and let each other know when things aren’t working, or don’t taste right, or that the instructions are confusing.  That’s why when you see any one of us promote the other it’s legit! We know you will love them as much as we do.

When the idea came up to share the love for our newly published friend everyone jumped on board.  Not only because we care about them but also because we knew that there would be some kick ass deliciousness happening.

So let me introduce you to Charmian Christie.

Piglet Muffins (3 of 5)

A real world, flour on the floor, sugar in your hair home baker. This book is full of sweet and savory recipes that will satisfy all your favorite flavor combinations and make your mouth water.  Cute and wildly appropriate chapter titles tell you whats in store and gorgeous photographs make you want to dive into the pages.The Messy Baker

It wasn’t hard for me to decide the first recipe I wanted to make after reading it’s ingredient list that included caramelized bacon and smoked cheese. Caramelized freaking bacon!!!

Piglet Muffins (1 of 5)

These muffins barely got made because I couldn’t stop eating the ingredients before they made it into the mix.  And the mix itself was so simple, so quick, such a great treat for a Sunday breakfast.

Piglet Muffins (2 of 5)

From the oohs and ahhs I heard from the rest of the group as they tried some of the recipes I knew this cookbook would be a huge hit.  Which is why everyone needs a copy! It’s not a book with one or two recipes you may sort of like.  There are so many recipes that will blow your mind.  Be prepared to get it covered in butter and flour because you will keep going back to it time and time again.

Check out all the recipes my foodie friends also created from this stellar book.