Gatherings by Jan Scott and Julie Van Rosendaal


When I was asked if I wanted a chance to review and blog about a new cookbook with a group of really talented bloggers and writers it’s was a no brainer.  Especially when the authors of the book are people you know.  Because you can always trust that a cookbook is going to be phenomenal and the recipes out of this world when you know and trust the people behind it.

Jan is a super talented event planner, creator of Family Bites and food writer who I met during a “gathering” I organized for bloggers over a year ago.  Unfortunately several chairs and people separated us during dinner and I didn’t get to chat with her nearly enough but her warm spirit can felt in each page of this cookbook.

Julie is a pro at this cookbook thing having published 5 best selling already.  She is the mastermind behind Dinner with Julie as well as a writer, editor, photographer but most importantly she is so kick ass funny and down to earth you instantly feel like you’ve known her forever. Every time I’m in the same room as her I know I’m going to laugh my ass off.


Between the two of them they have created this outstanding book about “bringing people together with food”.  I love this concept.  As a partner of a non foodie I have on several occasions taken advantage of his guy nights to invite a group of friends over to test out new recipes on.  They are also non foodies so I love the looks on their faces when they have tried something for the very first time.  Laughs and good food is guaranteed.

One of my favorite chapters in the book though is Date Night.  It is so easy to forget the importance of taking time away from the din and stress of every day life.  Parties don’t have to be big and over detailled with large complicated meals and extensive guest lists.  It can be a simple meal for two that brings all the important things; love and companionship back into the foreground.

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No one is excluded from this Cookbook.  Kids birthdays, sleepovers, cocktail parties, book clubs are all broken down into incredibly useful tips and suggested recipes to make planning a breeze.  The recipes are fun and so easy to follow.  I made the Parmesan and Thyme Puffs and though it was my first foray into Choux pastry the instructions were written in such as way that there was no chance I could fail.  And when the instruction said to enthusiastically stir the dough I knew I was being guided by the perfect people.

For anyone who wants to bring people together more often but with less stress Gatherings is a perfect addition to your cookbook collection.  Head over to Recipe Geek and check out Mardi Michels Review and a chance to win your own copy of Gatherings.  Mardi is the person who gathered all these great bloggers together to celebrate this outstanding book.

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*I received a free copy of Gatherings from White Cap books to review.  However all of my opinions (you know I have many) are my own.  And trust me I would have totally gotten this book anyways.