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I am not new to canning.  I grew up in a canning household. It took me until recently to start doing it as an adult but now I’m thoroughly enjoying the fruits of my labor as does my friends, family and co workers.  I’m a big batch dill pickle canner.  As in I made over 50 jars a year, in one day actually.  My DH is  a the main reason for the excess; he can kill a jar in a day, however I have discovered through recipients of my pickles that they are truly the best around.

When I heard that fellow blogger Amy Bronee from Family Feedbag had published her first cookbook The Canning Kitchen I was excited not only for her success but also because I knew my group of foodie sisters would be jumping all over this to support her.  I have been promoting the ease and joy of canning to them for a while now and this book is an absolute blessing to get them started. Small batch recipes with simple instructions; over the last several weeks I have been relishing (sic) the news of each of their canning successes. Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the tell tale pop of sterilization.

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The variety of recipes from jams to jellies to relishes and sauces in The Canning Kitchen are ingeniously creative. Apple Pie or Raspberry Cocoa jam. Garlic Rosemary Apple Jelly. Fennel Thyme Relish. Even a experienced canner like myself easily found a recipe to try.  This Triple Red Pickle is a perfect condiment on the side of any dish or garnished on top of some spicy tacos.

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If you are new to canning and want to give it a go this book a try. If you have canned your whole life but want a little creative variety go buy this book. You can also take a chance at winning a copy below.

And make sure you check out these posts from my blogger friends.  Some are newbies while others have had a taste of canning rewards.  All will tell you the same thing.  This is the best resource out there!
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*I would like to point out that I received a copy of The Canning Kitchen free from the fabulous people over at Penguin Random House Limited (Thank you, thank you) however all opinions are solely my own.