2016 Craft Beer Advent Calendar- Day 5


So it was a beautiful summer afternoon when my bestest beer drinking friend and I decided would be super healthy and go for a long but leisurely walk down to the lake. Starting right by the Gladstone we headed towards the ex, over the bridge and along the water. We knew the further we walked away from our starting point the longer it would take to get back. But we had a destination in mind and there was nothing turning us back. Amsterdam Brewery. After the most amazing fresh pretzels with a dipping sauce we wanted to bathe in, massive burgers and lot’s of amazing beer we had a stroke of genius. Let’s take transit home.

Boneshaker is my friends favorite there. A strong IPA is packs a wallop at 7.1 percent ABV’s and 80 IBU’s. It was greatly needed fortification that day.

Cheers to 24 days of beer.


2016 Craft Beer Advent Calendar- Day 4


Wheat beers of any form are my ultimate favourite.  The more it tastes like wheat fields the happier I am. The first time I had this beer was at a weekly event called Triple B’s at Lisa Marie. It’s a Tuesday night of beer (cheap), burgers (massive) and bingo (uber cheesy but super fun). They were offering up a pint for $5 and even though cheap always tastes delicious I have easily paid full price for this beer. 

Grasshopper from Big Rock Brewery is a very drinkable wheat ale with an ABV of 5 and low IBU 16. A “have a lot of” type of beer.

Cheers to 24 days of Beer.


2016 Craft Beer Advent Calender

BeerI drink a lot of outstanding beers. Which probably explains why the question “what’s your favorite style?” the hardest to answer. I’ve had delicious stouts, porters, lagers, pilsners, ales, IPA’s; you name it I’ve tried it.  There have been a few that have puckered my lips and made me grimace but those are few and far between. That’s what is so great about Ontario Craft Beer. There is so much variety; so many amazing things our brewers are doing.

Beer 101 Photo 4

That’s why I had to share this virtual advent calendar with you. Over the next 24 days I will be sharing my favorite pours. And man it was hard to narrow it down to just 24. These are not seasonals or one offs, because I’ve had plenty of them. Instead I share with you  a variety of beers that you can readily find in your local store all year round. What good is telling you about a spring saison I absolutely loved when you can’t get it anymore.

I hope you enjoy this calendar because I certainly enjoyed making it.  And I hope you like the little anecdotes I included because for some reason great beer always includes great experiences.