There is a lot of controversy about this green (or sometimes colourless) anise-flavoured spirit with it’s high alcohol percentage of 45 to 75 % ABV (Alcohol by volume).  Sometimes diluted with water it has many famous consumers with Vincent van Gogh and Oscar Wilde known to enjoy it’s effects.

In 1915 Absinthe was banned in the US and most of European countries blamed for being an addictive psychoactive drug due to the small presence of the chemical thryone. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that reauthorization of the beverage began in those countries and distillation resumed.

Traditionally absinthe is prepared by the “French Method” when a slotted spoon is placed over a glass containing a shot of the spirit.

A sugar cube is placed on the spoon and ice cold water is slowly dripped or poured over the sugar.

A variation is the “Bohemian Method” where the sugar cube is presoaked in alcohol and set on fire.  It is then dropped into the absinthe with also catches flame before the water is added to douse it all.  Both of these methods usually call for 1 part absinthe and 5 parts water.