SweeTango Apples

SweeTango Apples

As both a horticulturist and a cook I love when I am introduced to a product that intrigues both sides of my personality. It’s even better when it’s something my whole family can enjoy. So when a basket of SweeTango apples arrived on my doorstep with an amazing back story and an even better taste, I enthusiastically agreed that this was one fruit I could wholeheartedly get behind.

Like all discoveries, invention comes with it’s multitude of failures before happening upon a soaring success.  For the SweeTango it all started back in 2000 when some brilliant minds at the University of Minnesota decided they wanted to see what happens when you naturally bred a Honeycrisp apple with a Zestar! variety.  What resulted was a crisp, sweet flavor and a gorgeous pink hued peel freckled in white.  When they introduced the variety in 2009, quality was guaranteed thanks to growers outside of Minnesota being required to belong to the Next Big Thing (NBT) cooperative. NBT regulates growing sites, production procedures as well as making sure these apples thrive in the perfect climate systems.

SweeTango Apples

Currently SweeTango apples can only be grown at a small number of family owned and operated orchards in Nova Scotia, Quebec and five US states. This attention to detail is evident in a taste quite unlike any other apple I have tried.  Both the Honeycrisp and Zestar! variety are known as large cell apples; basically meaning they are full of juice.  Combined they have created an apple so incredibly crisp and juicy with insides lightly golden and tasting like it’s been sweetened with honey.  The name SweeTango draws together both sweet and tangy connotations and while I’m not sure I initially picked up on a tanginess it may have a lot to do with getting lost in all the amazing sweetness.

SweeTango Apples

After trying the first apple and sharing it with my family I had great intentions of creating some outstanding recipes that would showcase this fruit fully.  However it was so well received by my fruit avoiding spouse that everything in my basket disappeared before I could even pull out one baking dish and my dreams of a decadent apple bread pudding shattered.

With it’s natural sweetness SweeTango apples are a wonderful substitution in any of your favorite apple recipes while allowing you to reduce the amount of sugar added. On it’s own they  pair perfectly with mild cheeses, nuts, fruity wines as well as being a mellow counter flavor of spicier and bitter ingredients.

As well rounded as this apple can be its harvest time is early and short lived.  It generally takes only  5 weeks for their stock to sell out with the first apples arriving in store at the end of September and lasting until early November.

SweeTango Apples

To be sure you don’t miss out (and I can still make that bread pudding) SweeTango has launched an interactive campaign called the SweeTango Sweet Spot.  Consumers can share any location they have found their SweeTango apples which will be added to the interactive map and they are encouraged to share the location on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #SpotSweeTango or they can text 99000.  Not only are you helping others find their local retailers so they can try these amazing apples they are also being entered into the SweeTango Sweet Spot Sweepstakes where a seasons supply of the fruit, a trip to SweeTango Orchard as well as other fantastic prizes are up for grabs. Just click the photo below.

SweeTango Apples

Whatever you do make sure you try a SweeTango apple; the flavor will dazzle your taste buds.  And here’s a chance for you to win some SweeTango for yourself.  Enter the contest below.

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*This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated for reviewing these apples.  All the above opinions, which I have lots of, are entirely my own.

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  1. Honey Crisp Apples are my current favorite so I can't wait to try Sweet Tango Apples, they sound amazing! I like eating them best straight up.
  2. I've never tried SweeTango apples. They sound perfectly wonderful! My current favourite apple variety is Aurora Golden Gala. I get them in Okanagan Valley (BC) in the Fall. Unfortunately, they are a variety that doesn't winter very well and my favourite way to eat apples is raw, cored and sliced with cheese or slathered with almond butter.
  3. I like pie, therefore apple pie. And I wanna do a sweet tango with these lushies.
  4. I have not yet tried the SweeTango but they sound delicious! My favourite way to rat an applke is ysliced and dipped in a little caramel...yum!

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