Skillet Breakfast

One of the things I crave most when I have been out late the night before and may have imbibed just a wee bit too much is a greasy breakfast.  Maybe not a healthy choice but definitely one that gets me moving again.  This recipe is one that is more off the cuff then structured.  All ingredients are usually what I have on hand as opposed to planned.  Feel free to add, subtract or alter to suit your needs. Oddly enough I seemed to be out of eggs the day I cooked this up (must be all the baking lately) or I would have scrambled a few in it as well.

This breakfast all started because I had leftover ham from the night before.

In a skillet over medium high heat melt a generous spoonful of butter.  Each person’s generously can be different. I feel I was moderately generous here.

I didn’t have left over potatoes but 5 mins in the microwave later I had these cooked and ready to go in the pan.  Cube them to a reasonable bite size. Again everyone’s bite is…….

Oh and I added half a sliced onion.  How can you not add onion to melted butter in a pan.  It’s like they call out to each other.

Add the leftover ham that you obviously cubed and more than likely nibbled on a piece or twelve. Cook everything together until browned.  Which considering most of the ingredients are already cooked so only take five minutes or so.

Finally the piece de resistance.  Cheese!!! Oh glorious cheese.  Any cheese will work.  If you only have cheese slices throw them on.  Borrow from the neighbor down the street.  What ever you do don’t leave out the cheese.

Oh I used a taco cheese blend here. Very gourmet.  Let it melt, sprinkle with a generous (yes that again) amount of black pepper and a pinch of salt and voila. Best greasy breakfast ever! And you did it all in your pajamas.

Oh serves about 2 or one very hungover 1.

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