Shrub Border Alternatives

People ask me all the time what is a good shrub to use for a hedge. I’ve noticed that the first things they mention are cedars and by the looks of the first shrubs out in the garden centres, many others agree.

Cedars are great for creating a wall for privacy since they grow tall and dense. However they are my last choice as a hedge. For one they seem to be a haven for mosquitoes and spiders. But the most unfavourable thing about them is that once they start to get overcrowded and turn brown and twiggy the best solution is to completely replace them. Once they become an eyesore they can’t be fixed. And replacing them can be expensive.

I prefer a little adventure in my yard. Planting a hedge of lilacs or forsythias will give a beautiful burst of spring colour.

Forsythia in full bloom.

Forsythia in full bloom.

High Bush Cranberries will give a season of flowers, berries and seeds that will attract a variety of birds. Privets and Boxwood are great for sculpting a clean and tidy squared off hedge.

But the best thing about all those choices is that if they start to get out of hand or scraggly looking you can cut them right back and start again.

So why not try something different.

What do you have for a hedge?

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