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I’ve been known on occasion to exclaim that if vegetables tasted like french fries I’d be the healthiest person alive.  Sadly, my daily recommended 7-8 servings is barely met and are usually very fruit-heavy.  It’s not because I have any real aversions to vegetables (I love them); just day in and day out trying to find something unique and bursting with flavor is a challenge.I grew up in a household where boiling the last living nutrient out of any vegetable and drowning them in butter was the norm.  Even as a food blogger I still find myself trying out a new chicken recipe before I put any thought into my side dishes.

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That’s why a website like Produce Made Simple is perfect for anyone who also struggles to keep variety in their meals without sacrificing any of the health benefits.  Managed by the self-funded, non-profit Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) Produce Made Simple is a website built to help educate and motivate consumers into eating more fruits and vegetables while becoming more confident in cooking with them. Everything you read on the site is broken down into simple, concise bits of information from selecting, storing, and preparing your produce to nutritional details to help you live a healthy lifestyle.


Each week a different vegetable is highlighted along with an outstanding recipe.  Have you ever cooked with Kohlrabi?  Well Produce Made Simple will help you discover this new favorite.


Need to spice up your side dishes a little? The extensive recipe index is sure to expand your repertoire.


With great tools like the Produce Availability chart (with both local and import times) , how-to videos and special features, fruits and vegetable no longer have to be a chore to prepare and consume. With a simple click everything you need to help you eat better is available at your finger tips.


One of my absolute favourite features as a blogger and a cook is the innovative Goes Well With section.  Giving home cooks the flavor profiles best suited to their choice of fruit or vegetable, they are providing an enormous reserve of imaginative new recipes to create.

Produce Made Simple

With a resource as expansive and educational as Produce Made Simple anyone can create new meal-time favourite without forfeiting on the health of family members. For all the social media savvy consumers, Produce Made Simple can be found just as inspirational on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Just take one day, one meal, and try something new from this site and you will soon discover that you don’t have to be in a rut when cooking with fruits and vegetables.

To help you get started Produce Made Simple is giving away three vegetable spiralizers. This tool is awesome for creating long noodle like cuts of zucchini and carrots a visual young children will especially enjoy. Make sure you enter here for your chance to win.

Produce Made Simple

*This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated for reviewing this site.  All the above opinions, which I have lots of, are entirely my own.

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