Phragmipedium Orchids



Rapid grower.

  • Flowers: Pink, orange, red, green and brown. Blooms annually for a couple of weeks.
  • Soil/Potting Preference: A fine mix of fir bark with ½ to 1 cm pieces of bark, perlite and charcoal. Prefers plastic pots.
  • Watering: Keep roots moist at all times.
  • Fertilizing: Use 1/8 to ¼ strength weekly in Spring and Summer; every two weeks Fall and Winter.
  • Light Requirement: Hight light levels with at least 4 hours direct light.
  • Temperature Requirements:
  • Night Time Minimum: 14°C
  • Day Time Maximum: 29°C
  • Humidity Requirements: 60 to 70%

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Growing Orchids Part 2: Growing Conditions
Growing Orchids Part 3: Pests and Disease
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