Orchid Show

This past weekend the Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens hosted their 27th annual Orchid Sale and Show.

I’m a relative newbie to Orchids believing like most people that they are extremely hard to care for. Well the second thing I learned this weekend was that they can be grown and enjoyed by anyone with varieties for every level of skill.

The first thing I learned? Oh my gosh, there are so many different colours, shapes, sizes and varieties out there. Not only that growers are constantly crossbreeding orchid families to create even more specimens. Reading some of the names it seemed like some sort of confusing math problem. A x (B x C) = D. The entries were beautifully displayed amongst pieces of driftwood and moss with many society members and experts around to answer any questions.

For those who wished to add to their collections or for those just beginning there was a great vendors area with lots of plants available. I went on the last day and the tables were still full of gorgeous plants in bloom.

Here are a few of my favorites out of hundreds that I saw that day.

Rhynacattleanthe Di Ciommo David

Psychopsis mendenhall 'Hildos' HCC/AOS

Phalaenopsis (No ID)

Odontocidium Moira Kavanaugh 'Pacific Panic'

Masd. Machu Pich 'Crown Point' AM/AOS

Lycaste Jackpot 'Chicago Red' AM/AOS

Dial. Mizoguchi 'Cloud Cover' HCC/AOS

Cym. Maureen Carter 'China Dragon' AM/AOS

In the next couple of weeks I will feature some Orchid 101 posts to help newbies like me better understand how to care for Orchids and the different varieties out there. Of course it also gives me a chance to share some of the gorgeous photos I took.

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