My Squirrelly Friends

On another of my neighbourhood walks in beautiful 20-degree weather in April I saw many a squirrel chattering away. While most consider these creatures more foe than friend I can’t help be charmed by their devious nature.

In the beginning of my horticultural career I was given free of charge a young apple tree. I investigated the neighbourhood to make sure there was a pollinator close by and waited excitedly for it to fruit. The first couple of years brought a few sparse flowers but by the third year I knew it would pay off.

That spring brought a beautiful fragrant display of light pink flowers. These eventually turned into little baby apples that grew and grew. Due to weather, pests and disease we lost all but two specimens. My dad and I, the two apple eaters in the family, were excited for them to get big enough to pick. The skins were unblemished and the shape perfect (it was a red delicious tree).

One day they suddenly disappeared. I searched the ground looking for any sign that maybe the wind knocked them off but instead I saw further down the yard a couple of squirrels feasting happily on our fruit. I swear I saw one wink at me! Little did I know at the time was that while my dad and I watched day after day those apples grow so did our little furry friends. I don’t think they ever had a meal so carefully prepared.

My sneaky friend

My sneaky friend

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