My Squirrelly Friends Part 2

I’d like to share one more amusing tale I have when it comes to my adventures with squirrels.

My parent’s backyard is surrounded by a fence line fronted by shrubs for privacy from the public school and walkway. Two sides have tall shrubs like honeysuckles, lilacs and high bush cranberries for privacy while the other two have shorter shrubs like forsythias, dogwoods and spireas so my parent could still socialize with neighbours.

One fall I decided to plant over 350 hyacinth bulbs in and around the shrubs to create a bit of a woodland appearance. With my mom’s help and an efficient assembly line of me digging the hole and adding the bone meal and mom following behind dropping in the bulbs and covering the holes we actually accomplished this feat in a short time.hyacinths-2

Winter came with the cold and the snow and I forgot about our little project. But once the spring thaw began I started getting excited to see our beautiful display. Imagine my delight when I started to see the purple blooms in the yard. And now imagine my horror when I saw that same purple colour in the front yard, in the middle of the back lawn, in the perennial gardens and even in the vegetable garden. squirrellOver the previous fall the squirrels had dug up their snack (my bulbs) and buried them everywhere but under the shrubs.

By the looks of the number that bloomed in my yard I’m positive my neighbours also got a nice spring surprise too.

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