Mushrooms and More.

Mushroom Coconut Curry with Leeks and Paneer (2 of 5)

Where have I been lately you ask? Did I drop off the face of the earth? Did I win a trip around the world?

Actually nothing that dramatic happened.  I just got busy.  With life, with work.  I actually have been cooking lots as my Instagram can show but I have also been spending time paying some attention to my much neglected In the Garden side of my blog.  Watch for some planting guides in the near future. And I’ve been taking time to enjoy life.  Not every drink or every meal needed to be documented.  And sometimes when I went to events I left my camera at home (gasp!).  And when I have picked it up lately it’s been to shoot some really awesome new bands I’ve fallen in love with and enjoy watching live. You see my life is gloriously full. Lot’s of friends and family who love me and my company, not just the food I bring 🙂 I’m doing stuff for myself and when I have something of real quality to say here I will.

Mushroom Wonton Soup (1 of 1)

Like I said though I haven’t stopped cooking.  I’ve just been fortunate enough to have some great companies I create for.  Like Mushrooms Canada where I created this killer Wonton Soup and this Mushroom Coconut Curry I have dreams about at night.  You can click the links to get the recipes. Trust me you want to make these dishes.

Mushroom Coconut Curry with Leeks and Paneer (3 of 5)

My visits here may be sporatic, there may even be changes but just remember I love what I do here.  That will never stop.

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