Moving Day Meals

The past couple of weeks I have been knee high in boxes and dust since moving into our new place.  I pride myself on being an extremely organized person so the kitchen was the first thing unpacked and civilized however it still didn’t stop us from eating out almost every night after the first week of our move.  The fridge was stocked and the counters clean but after spending the whole day unpacking, putting together furniture and tidying up after ourselves you find that you are just to tired and busy to even consider cooking. Moving Day

This got me thinking.  I think one of the best presents someone could give you, as a housewarming gift would be a ready to pop in the oven home cooked meal.  A casserole or roast that only requires heating up in a disposable container can do wonders for the exhausted and stressed out soul of the new homeowner.  Not having to prepare anything or drive to the local diner can take a lot off the shoulder of a friend or family member.  And nothing tastes better than a gift from the heart.

Here is a favourite of mine that would be a perfect meal after a long day of unpacking. 

Mexican Lasagne Recipe

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