Mixed Berry Parfait

Serves per glass

Mixed Berry Parfait

A french parfait is traditionally a frozen custard dessert of eggs, sugar, whipped cream and fruit served on a plate. An American parfait is usually served in a parfait glass and consists of layers of pudding or yogurt, whipped cream and fruit. There is no real rhyme or reason to layering a parfait, that is all up to the creator.

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  • pudding
  • fruit
  • whipped cream


  1. Fill the glass 1/4 full of pudding
  2. Top with 1/4 berries.
  3. Add more pudding.
  4. Top with more berries
  5. Finish with Whipped cream
Recipe Type: Dessert


I don’t have parfait glasses so i like to use wine glasses instead. It’s the layering effect that you want to see.

Start by filling the glass 1/4 full of pudding/yogurt.

Top with berries.

More Pudding.

More berries.

Finally the whipped topping.

You can change this up with different flavours of pudding or yogurt and different fruit. The possibilities are endless.

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