Magnolia Tree

While generally associated with the Southern United States as well as being the State flower of Louisiana, Magnolia Trees are the first true sign of Spring in most Northern parts of North America. A showy, fragrant tree it’s profusion of bright pink, purple, or white blossoms punctuate a landscape long before the first green buds of growth do making it a popular tree in any neighborhood.

It’s history is ancient. Believed to have developed long before bees existed it’s flowers slowly evolved as pollination was introduced and encouraged. Named after French botantist Pierre Magnol, a newly planted tree may take several years to bloom. However once it begins producing those saucer shaped flowers that unfurl into stars you will no doubt fall in love with it’s majestic beauty.


Magnolia sp.

  • Light Exposure: Sun
  • Soil Type: Moist, well draining
  • Height: 30-80′
  • Width: Up to 50′
  • Bloom Time: Spring
  • Bloom Colour: Pink, white, purple
  • Foliage Colour: Green
  • Pests and Disease: Scale, mildew, leaf blight, leaf spot
  • Landscape Uses: Beds, borders
  • Special Features: Attractive foliage, fragrant, dried flowers, Winter interest
  • Zone: 5-9

Example Varieties:

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