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“Franchise”  does not have to be a bad word in the restaurant scene. O&B and La Cubana have the concept down perfectly with each of their venues bringing a different menu and design. Le Carnita, and Burger Priest does franchising right by offering an outstanding product that everyone across the city is clamouring over.  And the newest member of a franchise, Levetto Chinatown is doing a bit of both.  Backed by a solid and delicious menu they have also branch out with their own stand alone signature dish, soon to be Instagram famous.

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With simple decor and excellent service, Levetto can concentrate on what it does best; flavour. Chef Shahir Massoud comes with an impressive background having worked with Mario Batali and Saveur magazine. With Levetto he has created a diverse yet compact menu of pastas, pizzas and more.

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Homemade pastas are decorated with light delicate sauces. Fresh, creamy cheeses and vibrant herbs showcase several different tomato based sauce making it hard to choose between each option. A perfect carbonara is made how it should be, without cream just egg, bacon and cheese.

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Romana-style pizzas are thin and crispy; akin to another no so fancy franchise’s deep dish style but without all the added grease.  Again each is topped with its own personality. Spicy, sweet, cheesy and pungent, each one needs to be tried before you can ever pick a favorite. And thanks to its diverse location Toronto now has a Peking duck pizza.

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Three sweet desserts are offered if you still have room for more. Massoud has brought a family favorite to the menu with a warm brown butter and semolina coconut cake that is a light and flakey option.

Each and every dish stands out on its own merit. Whatever location you visit you will get the same flavour, the same quality, the same pride Chef Massoud has brought to each recipe. And lucky for Torontians Levetto has given us another franchise to be excited about.


six different location, check website for the one nearest you

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