Japanese Painted Fern

Native to Japan, Northern China, Korea and Taiwan, the Japanese Painted Fern is the showman of the fern family.  A bright colourful stem with pinnately symmetrical rows of silvery fronds it quickly naturalizes in any rich, moist, shady location of your garden and it’s eye catching when paired with plainer, softer looking plants.

This fern can be divided every 3-4 years in the Spring to encourage more vigorous growth.

Japanese Painted Fern

Athyrium nipponicum

  • Light Exposure: Partial sun-shade
  • Soil Type: Moist, rich
  • Height: 1-2′
  • Width: 1-2′
  • Bloom Time: n/a
  • Bloom Colour: n/a
  • Foliage Colour: Silvery fronds tinged with burgundy
  • Pests and Disease: Trouble free
  • Landscape Uses: Beds, borders, groundcover
  • Special Features: Attractive foliage
  • Zone: 4-8

Example Varieties:

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