Japanese Bottlebrush

Resembling the cleaning instrument to which it is named it is grown for both it’s flowers and it’s foliage.  Originally from Japan this perennial can grown quite large almost into a shrub or tree if left to it’s own devices in more milder climates.  Also known as Burnet, you can divide this plant each Spring

Japanese Bottlebrush

Sanguinsorba obtusa

  • Light Exposure: Full sun to part shade
  • Soil Type: Sandy, moist, clay or normal
  • Height: 27-35″
  • Width: 25-30″
  • Bloom Time: Early to Mid Summer
  • Bloom Colour: Deep pink
  • Foliage Colour: Grey green
  • Pests and Disease: Trouble free
  • Landscape Uses: Beds, borders
  • Special Features: Cut flowers, rabbit free
  • Zone: 4-9

Example Varieties:




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  1. GORGEOUS, Heather! I had a huge bouquet of garlic scapes with a couple of bell flowers that was stunning. I should have photographed it. Then I cooked the scapes. :) V

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