National Food Holidays

Did you know that in the United States everyday except one, February 6th has a national food holiday?  And did you know that the President of The United States has the authority to grant one of these holidays?

Katelynn 4th b-day (7)All levels of the government from small town mayors to the senate have the ability to grant special observance days in all different categories.  This will explain why there are 2 National Guacamole Days and multiple Cupcake days (no complaints here!)

Once it has been granted it is up to the person, organizations, etc who petitioned for the commemorative event to promote it.  While you can’t expect your boss to pay you take National Pizza with Everything expect Anchovies Day off it’s nice to know you have an excuse for dancing with a lampshade on National Rum Punch day.

 Chocolate Macadamia Cookies (7)

No other country (trust me I’ve looked) celebrates food quite like that of the Americans and as the Friendly neighbours to the North I strongly believe we should be extra supportive by celebrating these holidays right along with them.  So over the next 365 days I will be focusing on each holiday as it arrives with a recipe, interesting fact or sordid history about the food being celebrated.


So pop open the champagne (no wait that’s December 31st), pour out the wine, (nope that’s in February) and toast your beers (dang, not till Sept 28th or Oct 27th) and join me in my year long party of food.  And if you can’t get enough of the daily parties I will also be listing all the weekly and monthly observances as they come, so drink up, eat up and enjoy!

  • January’s National Food Holidays
  • February’s National Food Holidays
  • March’s National Food Holidays
  • April’s National Food Holidays
  • May’s National Food Holidays
  • June’s National Food Holidays
  • July’s National Food Holidays
  • August’s National Food Holidays
  • September’s National Food Holidays
  • October’s National Food Holidays
  • November’s National Food Holidays
  • December’s National Food Holidays
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