It’s About Family

One thing I really noticed this past weekend while I was spending time with my family was that you really didn’t need to be fancy to have great memories.  You don’t need to produce a spread worthy of a fancy magazine article or to make every last thing from startch.  It’s about the little things that make it personal.

It’s about the turkey turkey lifters.


And cranberry sauce out of a can. 


In my family if you didn’t have ridges it wasn’t really cranberry sauce.


It’s about the perfect gravy,

Lang Thanksgivin172

The cultural variety,


And the exploding turkey


That came out of the pan legless.


It’s about the table setting where there is a least one piece of Corningware, a fancy milk jug,

Lang Thanksgivin177

Cheap but delicious wine and the token bottle of ketchup.


It’s about 3 different kinds of pie


Where at least 2 hit the plate. 


It’s about the family coming together as a team to produce a meal fit for a king.


It’s all about the stories and the traditions behind them.  Because no matter how it tastes or how it looks it’s all about love and togetherness where the ending is always the same.  

Wonderfully delicious, completely satisfying and absolutely memorable!


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