The History of the T.V. Dinner

For only 98 cents where else in 1954 could you get a Salisbury steak, turkey with stuffing, fried chicken or meatloaf served with potatoes and peas except in a Swanson T.V. Dinner.

Invented by Gerry Thomas to help capitalize on the post-war fascination with the television and the pull of time saving modern appliances more than 10 million dinners were sold in the first year of production.
Before the use of the plastic, microwave safe trays from the 80’s, the food use to be packaged in neatly divided metal trays that in 1986 were officially inducted into the Smithsonian.
While many other companies have created their own brand of microwave friendly entrees after more than 50 years Swanson still offers the same entrees that started it all off.

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