History of Tim Horton’s

Founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, Tim Horton’s has become the staple of coffee drinkers and donut munchers in Canada.

Here is a brief timeline of some of the more famous moments during the rather short history of this coffee Mecca.

1964– Creation

1974– Tim Horton killed tragically in accident

1976– Introduction of the Timbit

1981– Started selling muffins and cakes.

1982– Added pies to the menu.

1983– Next came the croissant

1984– Then cookies

1985– Introduction of chili and soups

1991– Store number 500 opens in Quebec

1993– Added sandwiches

1996– Bagels next

1997– Starting selling flavored Cappuccino

1999– Started the Iced Cap

2006– Opened store number 3000

2008– 500th store opened in the US.

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