The History of the Popsicle

Who would have figured that an accidental creation by an eleven-year-old boy would today be one of the most popular frozen treats?

It was in 1905 when Frank Epperson left a mixture of soda water powder and water, a popular drink in those days, overnight in the cold with a stick in it.  Little Frank had a cool surprise the next day to show his friends but it wasn’t till 1923 when he was an adult that it became a business venture.  Originally called the Epsicle, it was available in seven different fruit flavours.  Frank, realizing his success, changed the name to Popsicle, patented his inventions in 1924 and by 1928 he had sold more than 60 million of these ice pops.

There are currently 30 flavours creation available to date with the popular choice being orange and it is estimated that 3 million of these treats are sold every year.

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