Growing Orchids Part 4: Maintenance and Orchid Care Sheets


You should always re-pot an orchid when you see the roots growing over the edge of your container but it is equally important when you see the medium getting old and decayed. Orchids can be grown in plastic or clay pot and again the variety of orchid you have may dictate which you use.
Always repot your plant after it has finished flowering. If the roots are healthy then replant it in a pot one size larger. If the roots are rotten or decayed return it to a pot the same size. Never reuse a pot if the plant in it has had a viral disease or fungal problem. You will only be setting yourself up for more problems.


As a beginner orchid grower you definitely should not try to reproduce your plant. Orchids seeds are especially tiny and require special nutrients to keep them alive.
Some orchids, like sympodials, can be divided to create more plants while others may grow runners or baby plants.
Ideally is it best to leave this to the experts.

Orchid Specific Care Sheets

As mentioned through this four part orchid special each species can have very specific care requirements. The following care sheets focus on each individual orchids needs.

Angraecum orchids
Aerides orchids
Brassia orchids
Bulbophyllum Orchids
Calanthe Orchids
Cattleya orchids
Chiloschista orchids
Coelogyne orchids
Colmanara orchids
Cymbidium orchids
Dendrobium orchids
Encyclia orchids
Epidendrum orchids
Howeara orchids
Laelia orchids
Ludisia orchids
Lycaste orchids
Masdevallia orchids
Maxillaria Orchids
Miltoniopsis orchids
Odontoglossum orchids
Oncidium orchids
Oerstedella orchids
Paphiopedilum orchids
Phaius Orchids
Phalaenopsis orchids
Phragmipedium orchids
Pleione orchids
Potinara orchids
Renanthera orchids
Restrepia orchids
Rhynchostylis orchids
Rossioglossum orchids
Spathoglottis orchids
Stenorrhynchos orchids
Tolumnia orchids
Vanda orchids
Vuylstekeara orchids
Wilsonara orchids
Yonezawaara orchids
Zygopetalum orchids

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  1. Joyce reuter says:
    My potinara has black on the leaves. What is the reason and do I have to get rid of it? Would appreciate a reply.

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