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As a ‘green thumb’ who lives in a condo (sad I know) I am always finding ways to stay in touch with my horticultural side.  Whether it be visits to the RBG greenhouse, local garden centre, commandeering friends’ yards or even flower and trade shows I still find myself at ends with my lack of land yet need to get dirty.

I was super excited to discover there is a local greenhouse run by the city of Toronto that rents out space or allotments to anyone who wants one.  Gardeners of all age, race, and sex share ideas, plans, life stories and excitingly, plants in a 12,000 square foot area from October to May creating a wonderful little mix of old pros and eager beginners.

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Having heard about this program from a co worker of mine I instantly fan-dangled my way into his next visit to his spot on a cold January morning. 

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Barely enough room for one small person to get up the aisles, you are amazed by the rows and rows jammed packed with houseplants, cactus, orchids, annuals, even topiary that each person lovingly tends to.  One of the things that really struck a cord with me was the sense of community.  A fellow gardener visiting the same time as us was warning us about one of the sites that seemed to have a hungry worm problem.  He was happy to inform us he had checked through the plants and on the leaves and caught the dastardly fellow.  Each person renting out space share a common respect for gardening and plants and they look after each other.

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Someone with OCD tendencies like myself can find the space overwhelming and crazy messy at first glance but as you walk up and down the aisle and take in each space as a whole you instantly begin plotting and planning how you would fill your space.

Of course a great idea like this is bound to be popular.  There is a waiting list you need to get on for the next available openings and any other questions you may have can be answered by calling Toronto Parks and Recreations greenhouse allotment program 416-392-8188 ext.11

Hopefully next winter I’ll see a few of you there.

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