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A friend of mine recently moved into their first home, an older one, this past winter. One morning after a recent thaw I was looking out her back window and commented on certain things she had growing in her gardens. I think then and there I sealed my fate as her personal consultant for the upcoming year. She and her husband know very little about gardening so they hadn’t a clue what was in each bed or even how to start.

This made me wonder if many other people also had this problem. When buying an older, established home people are usually sold on the layout and design of the interior and can usually get a floor plan containing room dimensions and placement in the home. Somewhere in all that consideration the exterior gets ignored. Hard structures like fences, decks and walkways are obvious but what about what kind of trees and shrubs are there and what plants are in the flowerbeds. Even a moderate gardener can feel daunted when trying to figure out what is what. I can only imagine how a beginner would feel. I think Real estate agents could do a great service to their customers by providing basic landscape designs to the new owners.

Luckily my friend is still friendly with the previous owner so she has a reference point. But not everyone is that lucky.


Has anyone had similar problems?

My friend had the wonderful surprise of all these bulbs in her ?Ç£mystery gardens?Ç¥.

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