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I had a dilemma this past weekend. The Wine and Cheese show or Canada Blooms. My weekend was too busy to do both so I decided I needed a burst of spring. I choose Canada Blooms. Ironically while I was there I joined a wine club.

Inniskillin and Jackson Triggs wineries had a beautiful pavilion showcasing some of their great wines which for a small price you could sample. I was instantly drawn to a sign that mentioned something about joining a wine club. (Quite honestly I really only saw the words “wine club” and was drawn in). After being directed to the VIP section we were given the whole spiel about the benefits, price etc between the two. While talking with the winery representatives they offered us a choice of wines to sample. I only drink sweet wines like whites and blushes while my boyfriend prefers the dry reds. This can be a pain when dining out and wanting to get more than just a glass with our meal since our preferences couldn’t be any more different. Naturally I choose a Jackson Trigg 2006 Sauvignon Blanc and he picked a 2006 Cabernet Franc from Inniskillin to taste.

2006 Inniskillin Cabernet Franc

2006 Inniskillin Cabernet Franc

I always insist on trying any red that he does drink in hopes of finding one that makes it down my throat without raising the goose bumps on my arms. In turn I make him try mine hoping to bring him over to the sweet side. What a pleasant surprise when I tried the Cabernet! Instead of catching in the back of my throat it slid down so smoothly that I had to double check I was trying a red. I loved it! It had such a mellow fruitiness to it yet wasn’t at all sweet. Of course we were both excited to finally have a wine we both agreed on.

So oddly enough I left the garden show with a case of red wine and membership to the Inniskillin wine club. I wondered what would have happened if we had gone to the Wine and Cheese Show?

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