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When I tell DH or my co workers that I’m driving to a small town an hour or more away for bread they look at me as if I have two heads. Yes I’m aware I can just go around the corner and pick up a nice freshly baked loaf without the headaches of traffic and free time lost.  But what those people don’t understand is how much it is about the journey and not always the destination.  My foodie friends understand this best since they are usually the passengers of these wonderful adventures.

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This group of woman are probably the best things to come out of all this blogging craziness.  They are some of my biggest fans and who I consider to be longlife friends.  They are all incredible women on their own, each with their own unique personalities and quirky insights but all have a deep selflessness that makes us together unstoppable warriors.  I have met each and everyone of them in someway through the Food Bloggers of Canada  and our bond is continued to be strengthened by almost monthly get togethers.

So it is no surprise that our journey this past weekend took us another FBC members new business the Elora Bread Trading Company.  A way for us to be together, to help support another friend and blogger and of course have great food and millions of laughs.

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There is Christina from  Strawberries For Supper .  In a very “it’s a small world” coincidence it turns out the we grew up around the corner from each other and I spend many years going to school with her sister. She has wonderfully dry and sarcastic sense of humour much like my own and is refreshingly honest.  Check out her recent  Cinnamon Bun Recipe to see exactly what I’m talking out.

Meg of Sweet Twist of Blogging and I have completely bonded over our love of anything Jimmy Fallon and the bizarreness that is my day job. She makes these really awesome Reveal Recipes that while they don’t make me want to be pregnant they do make me what to have some kind of gender related announcement just to try them out.  And you have to see her cakes.  This woman is super talented.

Our matriarch, our big sister is Rhonda of Olive and Ruby.  I can only dream of being as worldy, as smart and as confident as this lady.  So stong and so powerful every time I see her I feel like I’m really going to learn something.  Something of incredible substance and importance.  And have a great laugh while doing so.

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My girl Robyn of Planet Byn is such a gorgeous person with a smile that just brightens the room.  She is down for just about anything, has all these ideas for our next get togethers before we are even done the current one and who I think of any of us is the glue that keeps it all together. And her need to getting #tastyg trending rocks!

Ahhh our little Louisa of Living Lou .  She is the baby of our little group and such a sweetheart.  I remember at her age beginning to develop important friendships with people 10 or more years older and I sometimes wonder what she is thinking when she is with the group.  Yet despite the age difference she fits in perfectly and let me just tell you by the time she is my age now she will have accomplished so much.  More than I think anyone of us can imagine.

And then there is Jenny,  The Brunette Baker. My girl Jenny.  This is my soul sister.  A woman so postive, outgoing, smart, talented, beautiful, and gosh darn is almost as funny as me.  She is that girl I wish I had as my best friend in school.  That one that had your back at recess, who kept all your secrets just that, and who would fill scrapbook after scrapbook of memories together.

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Despite all our differences we are a strong and talented group. Fearsome in fact!  And while our destination, our meal, or our event is the focus of our journey it’s the time before and after, the travelling to and from, the ranting 71 text message in a single hour and the hundreds of laughs in car rides that holds us together and are the things I am most proud of as a blogger.

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Whether I get published or can making a living as a blogger isn’t the biggest priority anymore.  I’m the first to share my connections with these woman and they do the same.  We all want each other to be the best and we all want to celebrate it together. Everyone is  going to climb that mountain one day and everyone is going to fall at least once.  For me I want people there that will catch me, dust me off, shake their heads laughing at my silliness and push me right back up that incline. It the friendships I have developed along the way and the solid group of women that surround me that measure my success.  And if you look at the women that stand in my corner with me…well I am doing better than okay.

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  1. I had a huge smile on my face while reading this and also tears in my eyes! I always say FBC13 changed my life and this is the reason why. I love you guys so much! #tastygrocks
  2. What a beautiful post. Knowing half your group from The Canadian Food Experience Project... I could really relate to your comments - and for the rest - just longed to be part of your group. I would be the group mother or grandmother, I guess - hahaha... as Ruby is certainly my junior. How fortunate you are to have so many like-minded gals within get together distance so you can plan these little adventures. I hope you planned ahead and had a conversation with Calantha - the baker there. She is an incredible young woman and was at FBC, as well - but, I do imagine you did. I followed her before the bakery - and her story is so compelling. I have longed to taste her bread and would definitely travel even further to do so! Thanks for the warm fuzzy this am, Heather! :) Valerie

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